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About Us

Pine Furniture Advantage

1, Natural color, maintain the natural texture of pine, clear and beautiful.
2, Simple model, generous look, full of smooth lines with natural texture.
3, Practical and durable.
4, Flexible and breathable,  good thermal conductivity, simple maintenance of pine furniture selection, design & manufacture of pine coniferous forest species. Pine growth cycle period, ring fine, flexible wood texture, low oil content of trees, and distribution of yin and yang colour evenly. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the furniture manufacturer for the material dryness control is very strict, requiring moisture content of not more than 10%, all materials are put into operation before storage in the constant wet storage.

In order to avoid backwater in the manufacturing situation, the production cycle as short as possible. Generally from the production to the finished product will not be more than three days, and some even one day out of the finished product. But also in each stage of the production of a strict drying, and some imported pine furniture, although the use of pure wood production, but will not crack, deformation. This is generally difficult to match the domestic similar products. In order to reflect the Pine furniture, the rustic design concept, the surface coating of the product with a matt nitro lacquer treatment or vegetable oil immersion, beeswax coating two methods. This method of coating has maintained a clear texture of the wood itself, natural, smooth lines. Infiltration of the nature clear and fresh atmosphere, pine furniture is highlighting the natural, stable and solid, rough mining style, but also the integration of the modern furniture manufacturing process. Not only sophisticated technology, it’s also from raw materials to accessories, all the pursuit of natural taste.

Modern pine furniture is pine and cloth pine and metal and other combinations, in the color combination, but also to maintain the character of wood, highlighting the modern furniture. So that both aesthetic and functional, practical and decent, more able to create a modern home in a relaxed and comfortable.



Finland Finnforest, Finland Spruce

The competitiveness of Finland Spruce timber is based on the properties of the raw material and its easy machinability.

Finland Spruce of its competitive advantage is firmly grounded in the inherent natural properties of the wood raw material and the high quality of machining and further processing. It has excellent technical properties regarding such criteria as heat and moisture and it possesses high dimensional stability. Its outstanding strength/weight ratio makes it very suitable for load-bearing structures.

The attractive appearance of this Nordic softwood and its relatively large amount of heartwood make it a favourite material for furniture and joinery.

Properties & Specifications of Timber Panelling

Sawn timber, planed to dimension

Wood species Spruce and pine
Moisture 14 % ±2
Surface Rough-planed
Quality PL/VL, C (VI - Sixth), ST (Sawfalling)
Most common thicknesses 20 mm20 mm
Most common widths 95 mm
Lengths 2550-5400 mm

Working Properties

Finland Spruce Wood is excellent to make for Mr. Wood range for following benefits:
  1. Eco Wood & Organic
  2. Natural Solid Timber from Finland Forest under Environmentally Certified
  3. High Quality Handmade Wood Products
  4. Inherent Natural Properties In Wood Texture & Reserved Colour
  5. Non-Toxic Wood That Suitable To Hold Food & Beverages
  6. No Harmful Effect to Skin
  7. Gentle to Kids
  8. Suitable To Use In All Range

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